Guaraply Frameply 19-32 15mm

Description: Plywood panels unrepaired & unsanded.
Intended use:
For general purposes and ideal for upholstered furniture framing applications
Nominal: 8’ x 4’ (48” x 96”)
Tolerances: +0 / -1/8”
Thickness:  Nominal: 19/32”
Sound and tight knots up to 1-1/2”.
Splits up to 1/8"
Backs: Sound and tight knots up to 3”.
Splits up to 1/8"
Inner Plies: Sound and tight knots up to 1”. Occasional
knots up to 3". Laps and gaps up to 1/4”. 
Species:  Slash Pine (pinus elliottii) and Loblolly Pine (pinus taeda)
Bond Quality: Exterior glue lines. Fully exterior phenolic resins are used to make these panels
suitable for temporary exposure to water and weather.
PS1 panels are exempted from CARB regulation as do not contain Formaldehyde into resin
Packaging: with 5 steel straps (or more) and over 3 wooded skids.

12mm 2440 x 1220mm $100
15mm 2440 x 1220mm $120
18mm 2440 x 1220mm $140
21mm 2440 x 1220mm