Baltic Birch


Baltic Birch

Russian birch plywood is a uniquely manufactured birch plywood that uses multiple ply’s of birch veneer throughout the panel. The resulting Baltic birch plywood has a void-free core. Inner plies are solid birch veneer, cross-banded, and laminated with an exterior grade adhesive. This makes it the highest quality engineered flooring substrate and underlayment. 


Excellent Quality Control 

All of our Baltic birch plywood is not only manufactured to the highest standards but undergoes strict quality control procedures. All of the Russian birch plywood is scanned using blow detection to ensure a void-free plywood core. Blow detection automatically detects any unglued areas or voids throughout the plywood panel.

Key Benefits of Baltic Birch Plywood

Exceptional durability 

Void free core provides for excellent machinability and screw holding strength

Visually appealing edges 

Wide variety of plywood grades to fit your needs.

Hardwood Plywood Sizes

Offered 6mm thru 18mm 

Hardwood Plywood Sizes: 4×4; 4 x 8; 5×5; 5×8. 

Hardwood Plywood Compliant

CARB Phase 2 Complaint  

E1 - European Union standard

Meets Title VI emission standards.

FSC certified Baltic birch plywood available (full and mixed).

Lacy Compliant 

Baltic Birch Plywood Grades

Baltic birch plywood, also called Russian birch plywood, is graded with a face and back grade designation. The following grades are available from our warehouse facilities around the world:

B/BB Plywood Grade:  Single piece face and back veneer. Face veneers are clear with a light uniform color and free of defects. Back side allows for between 3 and 6 color-matched patches which are oval in shape and the size of an egg. Inner cores are solid birch single piece veneers.

BB/BB Plywood Grade:  Single piece face and back veneer. Both sides of plywood allow for an average of between 3 and 6 small color-matched patches, with light mineral streaks. Tight pin knots may be present. Inner cores are solid birch single piece veneers.

BB/CP Plywood Grade:  Single piece face and back veneer. Face side allows for between 3 and 6 color-matched egg-shaped patches. Back veneers allow for unlimited patches and sound knots. No open defects are allowed. Inner cores are solid birch single piece veneers.

BB/C Plywood Grade:  Single piece face veneer with an average of 3 to 6 small color-matched patches and some light mineral streaks. Back side of patches, open knots, and small veneer splits, including small core voids.

CP/CP Plywood Grade:  Single piece face and back veneer. Both sides allow for unlimited sound knots and patches, as well as repaired splits. Inner cores are all solid birch single piece veneers.

CP/C Plywood Grade:  Single piece front veneer with unlimited sound knots and patches, as well as repaired splits. Back side allows patches, open knots, and small veneer splits. Inner cores are all solid birch single piece veneers. 

C/C Plywood Grade:  Patches, open knots, and small veneer splits are allowed. Veneer lap and small core voids are permitted. This panel is not sanded and is used for structural purposes.


5 Reasons Why Baltic Birch Is a Preferable Hardwood Plywood

1. Attractive Appearance

Baltic birch is a light grained wood with fairly uniform color – an attractive appearance. With a void-free core and birch plys used throughout, you have the option to leave the edges exposed if you like the look. The exposed edges sometimes have an appearance that works for the project, and this saves you time and material. Simply sand and finish the edges. The face and back can be stained when you need a different color. To keep the uniform, light color, simply finish baltic birch with a basic clear top coat of lacquer or polyurethane.

2. Superior Screw Holding & Machinability

Unlike most other hardwood plywood, the core layers of Baltic birch hardwood plywood are birch veneers, rather than a softer, secondary wood. This construction creates a void-free core, resulting in a material where screws bite and hold with 100% of their threads. Conversely, traditional veneer core plywood has voids with softer materials in the core, so screws don’t get the same bite. The same holds for machinability. A void-free core and the wood characteristics of Baltic birch result in superior machinability. 

3. Strength and Stability

All plywood runs a risk of warping. Baltic birch is not immune to warping and bowing, it’s still a wood product. However, Baltic birch has the odds stacked in its favor much better than other plywood. The cross-banded layers of birch veneer make the sheets balanced, promoting a flatter product. Alternating the direction of the Baltic birch plys throughout results in a very stable plywood product.

4. Cleaner Joinery

The uniform birch veneer layers of the core, mean you’ll get clean dadoes, rabbets, dovetails, miters, and, when appropriate, great looking joints. Because the core is free of voids, your joinery will get 100% glue coverage. 

5. Wide Variety of Grades Adds Value 

The grades of Baltic birch hardwood plywood are unique and built to help users choose a product that fits the needs for the finished product. A variety of appearance grades lets users identify what grade they need on each side, saving money and adding value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hardwood plywood is CARB Phase 2 Complaint?

Any hardwood plywood that has passed the compliance certification test with a valid manufacturers certificate is considered CARD Phase 2 Compliant. All of the Baltic birch hardwood plywood we stock meets the current standard. 

Are baltic birch plywood panels prefinished?

Baltic birch hardwood plywood is not normally prefinished. Sometimes Baltic birch is referenced as polished, which means sanded. Most panels are calibrated sanded, with the exception of C grade material.

What size are baltic birch plywood panels?

Baltic birch plywood sizes are different than other wood species. Baltic birch hardwood plywood panels are made in 5x5 and 4x8. Available by request - 5x8 and 5x10.  

Can baltic birch plywood be edge-banded?

Absolutely! yes, this is quite common, however the edges can be bull-nosed and exposed for a modern clean look

Where is baltic birch plywood made?

Baltic is a general term covering Russian and the old Baltic States, Belarus, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland. Baltic birch plywood comes from many of these areas.

Are FSC and NAUF Baltic birch hardwood plywood panels available?

Yes – both FSC certified and NAUF panels are available by special request.

Where do I find your FSC information and certificates?


Can I buy FSC certified plywood underlayment?

Yes. This is by special request and is normally FSC mix.



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